Mainland first configuration escape system bus running during the year

Guangzhou bus on the safety of emergency escape way to open the door, with a safety hammer to break the windows to escape the glass, open the roof safe escape window escape three
July 29, the first configuration of the new bus safety escape system trolley bus in the show burst state, the car outside the electronic road signs switch to "SOS" state. On July 29th, the instructor demonstrated the escape skills in the new bus safety escape system trolleybus. (Cai Minjie Wu Yue) five seconds bus safety system started, ten seconds passengers can escape. The first in the Mainland equipped with a new type of bus safety escape system trolley bus in Guangzhou available. Guangzhou tram company information manager Zhao Jiantong 29, said the current bus system will be running test, is expected to expand throughout the year to Guangzhou. In recent years, bus, bus fire casualties frequent. Guangzhou City Traffic Committee Director Chen Xiaogang had previously for the bus accident emergency response, that the accident occurred in the bus accident, the accident and the evacuation of passengers to synchronize the realization of the maximum provision of personnel to evacuate the channel to ensure that the car staff In the shortest possible time to withdraw. At present, the Guangzhou bus on the safety of emergency escape mainly to open the door, with a safety hammer smashed the window glass to escape, open the roof safe escape window escape and so on three. In the state of the original bus safety emergency escape facilities, the new type of bus safety escape system is set to move up the full emergency safety window. If there is a dangerous situation, the driver just press the emergency button on the left side of the console "a key emergency", the car seven windows and both doors in five seconds all open to facilitate the evacuation. Car alarm horn intermittent buzzer, electronic signs to switch to "SOS" state and open the double flash emergency lights, suggesting that pedestrians pay attention. At the same time, the bus backstage management center 24 hours duty room will be the first time to receive the alarm information and real-time video on board, to understand the bus on the live, to achieve synchronous emergency response. Zhao Jiantong introduced, passengers in the escape time, you can open the window next to the emergency valve cover, the internal red valve clockwise rotation deflation to 90 degrees, and then open the valve next to the zipper unlock, open the lower glass, open up Window, you can escape. "If necessary, passengers can also manually control the way to open the upward safety window, so that the entire window of the space into an emergency exit for other control failure to provide the basis of withdrawal assurance." Zhao said. Guangzhou tram company said that in theory, the use of this bus safe escape system, passengers can complete all the ten seconds to escape. At the same time, the car seats all the use of horizontal layout, the space is more spacious and convenient passengers to meet the evacuation. The tram company said that the bus safety system will be put into operation in the tram line 107 this year, testing and validation results, the next step will be gradually extended application.

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