Changan Ford, Dongfeng Nissan 4 4S shop "minor illness overhaul"

Shanghai sales of the top 20 car brand service consumer satisfaction index was only 76.09
Guangzhou Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, Changan Ford, FAW Mazda and other four 4S shop there are different degrees of "minor illness overhaul." Gao Zheng surging information a failure did not eliminate, there are 4S shop in Shanghai to give a few thousand dollars, or even million on the maintenance program. June 22, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee for the first time to the public release "Shanghai market car brand service consumer satisfaction situation." In the professional company's consumer experience, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan, Changan Ford, FAW Mazda and other four 4S shop there are different degrees of "minor illness overhaul." Changan Ford: did not find the failure to propose on the million maintenance program, the Consumer Protection Commission commissioned by the professional company staff, set in advance of the "right rear brake light does not shine" conventional failure, and "engine failure light" hidden fault Will be sent to the bus station located in Pudong New Area, 200 Bridge Road, by the Shanghai Fu silver car sales service limited company operating Changan Ford 4S shop. The 4S shop did not enter the vehicle to carry out routine inspection, the conventional point of failure is not found, hidden fault has not been eliminated. In the service process is not standardized, can not find the cause of the case, the 4S shop or put forward the "replacement of the computer board and the engine all the ignition-related accessories" requirements, and ask for up to 1.31 million offer maintenance costs. According to 4S shop staff said that this 1.31 million yuan mainly includes 2,500 yuan throttle valve body, 8800 yuan computer board, 1300 yuan EGR, 500 yuan ignition coil and the accelerator pedal and other equipment replacement. In the Corning Road 930, by the Shanghai Green Land East Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. operating FAW Mazda 4S shop, the staff of the staff set by the "wiper jar liquid level is too low," the conventional fault is not repaired, "engine failure lights "The hidden fault code has not been eliminated. But the 4S shop that the vehicle is "due to damage to the ignition coil caused by missing cylinder" and made a offer 2695 yuan, replace the spark plug and ignition coil, cleaning the entire engine oil maintenance program. "More than 2,000 consumers of the sample survey shows that more than four percent of consumers may or certainly met the 'minor illnesses' embarrassment." Shanghai New Consumer Research Center Deputy Director, Dr. Liu Bo pointed out that nearly three percent of consumers said Do not know the manufacturers of service support phone, nearly five percent of consumers that do not know the composition of the cost of service, the majority of consumers to accept the after-sales service is mainly for the replacement of oil, and although most of the service staff to inform consumers of spare parts suppliers, Price and working hours, but there is still the phenomenon of boring package. "4S shop is not honest after-sales service behavior, directly against the consumer's right to know, the right to choose and fair trade rights." Shanghai Yingdong law firm Tang Ling pointed out. The Shanghai Tianhua law firm partner Yao Haisong pointed out that the interests of consumers related to violations of the behavior, to some extent constitute a consumer fraud, if the 4S shop there is a corresponding problem, consumers can get up to 3 times the maximum compensation. Yao Haisong suggested that the first to continue to break the monopoly of vehicle maintenance, including the OEM should be in accordance with the provisions of the state in a timely manner and timely public maintenance of information. To facilitate access to relevant information; popular basic technical knowledge and information. Second, to further improve the vehicle maintenance industry, the national standards and timely publication, the formation of a comprehensive maintenance service standard system; speed up the implementation of motor vehicle maintenance vehicle electronic health system and spare parts traceability system, and can open to consumers to check, check The Third, the establishment of third parties to the maintenance of corporate integrity management evaluation mechanism, regularly published rankings, exposure to the interests of consumers and businesses. Car brand service consumer satisfaction is low By the end of 2015, Shanghai private car ownership has reached 209.39 million, and the first quarter of 2016, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee at all levels to accept 1411 car complaints, an increase of 11.4%. June 22, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee announced the "Shanghai Automotive after-sales service survey results" show that Shanghai's top 20 car brand service consumer satisfaction index was only 76.09. Shanghai Consumer Protection Secretary of the Secretary-General Tao Ailian pointed out that the consumer satisfaction index is actually a "low". In the survey data, the top three brands for the Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, GM Buick, the highest score of only 85.32; and the last three brands were Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Toyota, Changan Ford, which Dongfeng Nissan satisfaction For the lowest of the twenty brands, only 57.28, is also the only one with less than 60 car brands. The brand in the consumer's reputation and how to evaluate? Shanghai New Consumer Research Center survey pointed out that the highest evaluation for the Mercedes-Benz, but the score is only 79.2, followed by the top three Mercedes-Benz, Guangzhou Toyota, Infiniti; the last three for the Beijing Hyundai, Geely Dili, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, the worst For the modern Beijing, only 68.5. "Whether there is over-maintenance? Brand car manufacturers 4S shop is the integrity of the consumer is the main purpose of the experience." Rhine Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Greater China, Zhang Ming, deputy general manager of the system pointed out that the top 20 brands in Shanghai Car 4S shop for consumer experience found that Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot, BMW, FAW Mazda, Changan Ford, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Dongfeng Nissan and other seven brands car 4S shop after-sales service experience lower score.

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