France Nice fear details: load 19 tons of truck Z-shaped rolling over the crowd

A large truck crashed into the crowd watching the National Day fireworks show in Nice
Local time on July 14, the southern French city of Nice, the crowd is evacuated. On the same day, a large truck crashed into the crowd watching the National Day fireworks in Nice, causing heavy casualties. The French media use the "horror" (L'horreur) as the front page of the newspaper, with the map is a bullet full of holes and impact traces of the White truck. July 14, the French National Day evening, the load of 19 tons of trucks, Z-shaped routes crazy over the British walk avenue. This is the southern French city of Nice, the most famous road, one side connected to the beach. That night, tens of thousands of tourists and Nice people gathered at the beach, watching the National Day fireworks show. 22:40, the white truck suddenly appeared, so that the beautiful road into a road of death. The truck is driving in the crowd, rolling all the way. Screams, crying, percussion, gunshots instead of festive cheers, celebrating the sound. This night, Nice a total of 84 people were killed, and another 200 people were injured. "With the death of the shoulder" Chinese tourists Tang Lu sitting in the British Walking Avenue, a Michelin restaurant, is enjoying an authentic French meal, flashing fireworks out the window. She is at the foot of the land, located on the north shore of the Mediterranean, the southeast corner of France. This is a small town called Nice, with a quiet old town with gravel beach. Every year on July 14 National Day, the city will have a grand concert and fireworks show, gathered from around the world tourists. Tang Lu and her husband arrived in Nice evening, put down their luggage, go directly to the parade tour. She introduced, the performance is very "ground gas", the scene has hovercraft, kayaking, tanker, a little girl wearing a white skirt next to the parade team dance. "Let me feel the French people advocate romance and freedom." 22, the fireworks show officially began. Three hours of French food, Tang Lu's husband some tempted, and she promised to eat the last dessert to go out to see the fireworks. 22:40, fireworks has ended, the last dessert just came up. Suddenly, Tang Lu across the window to see the streets of the crowd began to run mad, the air has a touch of fireworks smell. "Everyone is as crazy as a direction to run, with the US disaster film the same." Students Yu Yi is a fleeing crowd. A few days ago, she made a special trip for this fireworks. Photographed the moment of fireworks bloom, she told people around jokingly said that if the circle of friends, then, with the "my wish is the world peace." She felt so a bit hypocritical, and finally to this photo with a three-color flag. She saw, by the sea side, densely filled with people. At this point, 100 meters behind her position, the crowd began to stir, followed by a radial, screaming scattered fleeing. Many people do not ask: "how" (excuse me), but no one answered. Everyone is running. In the chaotic crowd, Yu Yi do not know what happened. After hearing the gunfire, she thought she had a shooting incident. Tang Lu witnessed the big escape across the window. She was scared, "really is the death and pass by, in a distance, if not the French food was so slow, we have long gone." "Fear, riot, escape" escape on the road, Visitors shouted in different languages, an ambulance roaring past, the scene is chaotic. China's Shenzhen Zheng Xiao (a pseudonym) had wanted to run back to the hotel, the way a pizza shop boss greeted, she hid in. Zheng Xiao recalled, just go, the pizza shop only less than 10 individuals, and soon, more and more people influx, even the bathroom and storage are packed. Tang Lu saw someone want to run out of the restaurant to escape, but the restaurant staff to all the people stopped - "Stay here", people had to stay in the restaurant. For a while, more people ran in, with blood, dressed, no shoes. Someone asked, what happened? They scared out only a few words: terrorist attacks, riots, escape. "I am a little flustered and feel the heart jumps very fast," said Tang Lu, who learned of the incident from several different people: a distance of less than 100 meters, a truck crash, rolling the crowd. At the time of the incident, "Nice Morning" reporter Damien Allemand first heard the sound and people screaming. "I thought that someone was lit the fireworks." A few seconds later, he saw a huge white truck from the front of a few meters away in the past, quickly hit the most people. Locals Pierre Roux from the apartment witnessed the whole process. He thought at first that the truck was losing control. But he soon found that the lights did not open, there is no horn warning. "There is almost no chance to escape the people on the route," an eyewitness said, and the white truck began to drive slowly, and there was a motorcycle in the car, and the motorcycle owner tried to open the door of the truck driver's side Went down by truck. At that time the truck driver began to accelerate - visually measuring the speed of 50 km / h and traveling in zigzag - in order to hit more people fled on both sides of the road. After about 15 to 20 seconds, the gun sounded. "People are falling like a bowling bottle that has been hit, and that screams I will never forget," Damien said. Due to excessive tension, he was unable to move in place. Behind him, the British walk on the road dozens of bodies, "everywhere is dead." After the truck drove far, the crowd began to send water to the wounded, to those who do not want to survive the people covered with towels. Damien wanted to help, want to do something, but he was still stiff in place, unable to move. "I can only hear people crying, this night is too horrible." For Nice to open the door in the people fleeing, the social media once again appeared a "#PorteOuverteNice" (French: for Nice open) movement: the public Posted on the Internet, shelter those who have not fled the danger of people. Restaurants and hotels have become hospitals and temporary shelters for the treatment of the injured. The campaign was launched in November last year, the terrorist attacks in Paris, when the stadium, theater, street gunfire followed, 153 people were killed. Sponsor Sylvain Lapoix is ​​a journalist in Paris, he said on Twitter: "Open the door for the people who need, mark your location, add # for Nice to open the door, list the safe place." In fact, France The state of emergency is from Paris after the terrorist attacks began. Just held the European Cup, a few hours before the start of the Nice attack, France had just announced the need to cancel the state of emergency by the end of July. And now, this period has been extended for three months. In the most tragic tragedy in the history of Nice, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, represents all the Parisians to support Nice: "Our city is united." French President Hollande said in a televised speech that night: "We can not Denied that this is a terrorist attack, will take everything we can do to fight terrorism. "February 4 last year," Islamic State "announced a video, threatened to launch a new terrorist attacks on France. "Kill more French". From the "Charlie Weekly" headquarters of the shooting, to the horror, a year and a half, France suffered a total of 6 times. Among them, "Charlie Weekly" terrorist attacks, November 13 of the Paris series of terrorist attacks, the Islamic countries have claimed responsibility for the attack. At present, there are no organizations that are responsible for the terrorist attacks, but some of the supporters of the extremist Islamist countries (IS) cheered on social networking. When the Egyptian Nader Shafei saw the truck rushed to the crowd and hit many people, he went to the front of the car and waved to the driver and shouted, "Stop, there is a little girl in the car." He initially felt just an accident. "Then I saw him take out a Lockhart's pistol and realized that it was not right." At this point, the police began to shoot at the truck driver, and everyone on the street began to run. The truck driver drove 2 km after driving on the British Walking Boulevard. The white truck used for the attack was rented, and the police found some weapons in the car, including invalid grenades and several false guns. "I was used to this scene in the Middle East, but I was never so close to the scene." Shafei told friends: "We can not run to Europe in order to escape the terrorist attacks in the Middle East, and what is happening in the Middle East now. "Friday morning, from the apartment witnessed the whole process of Pierre Roux out of the apartment, in an unclaimed body next to the candle. When he prayed against the body, the police were carrying out martial law. Outside the cordon, many people took the luggage ready to rush to the airport. Tang Lu returned to the hotel, almost sleepless nights, she began to snatch Paris train tickets. Yesterday afternoon, she and her husband left Nice, and bought a ticket to go home. Zheng Xiao has settled in Europe for four years, but also psychological preparation for the French law and order, but still feel scared. Last night she flew to Budapest. "If it is not personal experience, it is difficult to appreciate the kind of large-scale panic." Yu Yi fled to friends home for a night. The next day at 7:30 on the 15th, the streets of Nice restored calm, she took out the phone took a street view. "Very good place, sunny beach." Yu Yi some low, she was ready to pack up, back to Paris. This edition of the writing / Beijing News reporter Tang Ailin Yang Jingru Cheng Yuanyuan Wang Yu interns Song Jia Fu Ziyang Jiang Pengfeng

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