Steel bars: dogs chase the sheep fell 100 meters after the cliff survived the miracle

A British dog is excited to chase the flock
According to foreign media reported on the 6th, a British dog is excited to chase the flock, accidentally fell 100 meters high (350 feet) of the cliff, but miracles Like to survive. The incident occurred in Dorset, England, where the dog named Tavi was only 10 months old, and it was accidentally falling from the seaside cliffs in the process of chasing the flock. Tavi fell off the top of the cliff, fell 20 feet, safety fell on the edge of the cliff. At this time, a Coast Guard soldier tried to save it down, but the tense of Tavi chose to escape, and fell from the cliff down, fell 330 feet. Fortunately, the puppy fell into a thick bushes and survived. It looks good, then reunited with the owner. It is said that three hours before the incident, the owner had to take it in the vicinity of walking, followed by the above scene.

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