Tianjin new three tall building just closed to be removed for the developers of corrupt officials son

Will be refunded for home buyers
Newspaper 16 has published a "65-story high-rise why the first to become a domestic" article. The article referred to the Tianjin Goldman Sachs real estate development company responsible person, former Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Lok Ma officials Zhao Shao Lin son Zhao Jin suspected of criminal offenses after the investigation, the development of the "Waterfront Ginza" three tall buildings will be demolished. In fact, in the Tianjin Daily Digital News "News 117" official microblog release before the announcement of the demolition of the floor, Goldman Sachs has issued a notice, said the funding strand breaks, unable to raise funds and follow-up funds, will refund for buyers Room refund. However, the Beiqing reporter learned that, for many buyers, they always do not understand the construction of the three buildings after the initial funding why from the initial "no problem" to "capital chain break." At least now, they expect to be able to get a definite answer. "Five card full" of the three buildings in Tianjin Hedong District 12 Road and Haihe East Road intersection, "Waterfront Ginza" three high-rise still stands in the northeast corner. The three buildings, the highest is the third floor, a total of 65 layers, Building 2, 41, Building 1 was 58 layers. They are not yet renovated, windows are dense as chessboard; between "chessboard", yellow and red "pawn" shuttle looming - that is the construction workers in the building. "Are they in the demolition of the house?" Outside the site, the crowd of passers-by grumbled. According to the apartment to provide the apartment layout, the three buildings within the "back" font pattern. The window is outside the house is "back" the word outside; and "back" the word inside the house, the windows facing the floor of the patio for ventilation. Each house the largest area of ​​about 100 square meters, the smallest was about 20 square meters. Wu Yu, a foreign worker in Tianjin for 17 years. The house she bought was located on the 41st floor of the building, but according to the report, the building was approved for 31 floors. "I know what's going on inside." For Wu Yu and more buyers, when they sell in the "Waterfront Ginza", they do not know what the boss of the Goldman Sachs boss Zhao is in the end. "We are to see the sales office has 'five card' dare to buy." Wu Yu mouth in the "five card" refers to the local government departments issued to the developer "construction land planning permit", "construction project Planning permit "," construction project start permit "," state - owned land use permit "," commercial housing pre - sale permit ". According to the photos provided by the buyers, at that time, this "five card" of the publicity document is placed in the sales office. Two sets of illegal profits under the contract Wu Yu once on this future home is the idea: the big house to his son to live, the hut to their own and love to live, and the hall to his brother to live. The future of the home, Wu Yu for this dig out 42 million 1564 yuan. The money, her own savings of two or three hundred thousand, the rest comes from borrowing from friends and family. But her share by the Tianjin Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, Tianjin Land Resources and Housing Authority co-producer of the "Tianjin commercial housing sales contract" shows that Wu Yu only purchased a building area of ​​10.5 square meters of the house , The price per square meter for 40,148.95 yuan. Can prove that Wu Yu's house is not only 10.5 square meters, is the contract with the apartment layout plan. This cover is covered with Goldman Sachs official seal of the plan, marking the Wu Yu's apartment for the two rooms and one hall, the specific length of the house number: length of 7.9 meters, width of 6.4 meters. In fact, the contract and the apartment layout on the area does not match the situation is not a rain in a rain, a number of buyers are to the North Green reporter that this situation, it was also produced a similar situation of the contract. Beiqing newspaper reporter contacted a telephone sales staff at the time, but the other said, "I do not know anything," then hung up the phone. For the case of two sets of contracts, the media had written: "Tianjin, a real estate market professionals for the reporter calculations, in accordance with the Tianjin city center of the real estate market, even if the amount of 10,000 yuan per square meter, the Developers by changing the planning, to expand the volume rate of illegal gains have reached billions of dollars in accordance with the relevant provisions of the developers in this way to steal land transfer payments, municipal matching fees, land value-added tax Will be a staggering number ... ... "difficult work progress in July 2014, known as" the most cattle developers, "Zhao Jin was arrested," Waterfront Ginza "many buyers only know the identity of the Goldman Sachs corporate representative , Lok Ma officials, former Jiangsu Provincial Standing Committee, the provincial party committee secretary of the son of Zhao Shaolin. However, this did not cause buyers to worry about, because the building is still building. According to buyers said that in September 2014, the third floor of the closure of the closure. October 15 Japan should be the first batch of delivery days, but people found that the sales office has been to the house empty, but the glass window close to a paper notice: "for some reason can not be submitted as scheduled, the extension part of the contract compensation. From the beginning of October 2014, by the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the letter, the Municipal Construction Committee, the City Housing Authority, the Municipal Planning Bureau and the Hedong District Petition Office, Construction Committee, Housing Authority, Planning Bureau and other government departments working group composed of " "The owners of the representatives formed a monthly meeting of the mechanism. In these meetings, the buyers on behalf of the government working group with the core issue of communication is the "waterfront Ginza" return and delivery problems. Buyers are worried that can not be submitted and their own interests, and the working group has been that "Waterfront Ginza" will continue to build, and the final transfer. According to the participants in November 2014 to meet the representatives of the buyers, the government staff introduced the Tianjin Architectural Design Institute will be the original drawings of the building rectification design, reduce the floor area ratio, reduce security risks. For some of the unsold houses, reduce the number of sets by way of merger to increase the lift. In addition, the follow-up construction, the government by a local state-owned enterprises in Tianjin, "on behalf of the construction", the supervision company is the same. According to the buyers on January 23, 2015 meeting live video and audio, the working group of the relevant person at the meeting mentioned in March 2015 to fully return to work, in April the introduction of the relevant check-out, including the completion of the completion of the rental Program. According to the buyers to provide multiple meetings will be on-site video and audio, Beiying reporter noted that the relevant departments of the staff mentioned the return of the time, repeatedly made to ensure that the future building security issues. Has been told to build funds no problem March 27, 2015 meeting video and audio shows that buyers on behalf of the concerns of the funding, the relevant staff said: "... ... we have not avoided the capital problem, the funds have been very "However, this argument was immediately refuted by representatives of participating buyers:" This is the first time you talk about financial constraints, the original capital is not tight, no problem, are in the regulatory account. "April 30, 2015 Daily attendance records show that the relevant staff at the meeting pointed out: 1,3 Building, the overall completion time is the second half of 2016, Building 2, the overall completion time is April 2016. May 29, 2015 meeting will be on-site recording that the relevant staff at the meeting informed on April 1 Tianjin Municipal Government is responsible for dealing with "Waterfront Ginza" and "Gate Plaza" (Zhao Jin another project - Reporter Note ) The leadership of the meeting held a meeting, the meeting referred to the funding problem. At the meeting, the staff said that "Waterfront Ginza" and Zhao Jin, another project "Gate Square", the two projects with a total of 38.3 billion in transport funds, has paid 788 million yuan, the two projects also Need to fund 3,042,000,000 yuan, "coupled with demolition, redesign and other budget may exceed the amount of funds calculated by 10%, then add 3 million words, the whole project is expected to do 33.42 billion." In the case of the government To raise the money, the staff said the government is ready to recover the land has not yet been built under the name of Zhao Jin, listed for sale, is expected to recover at least 1.15 billion yuan; check Zhao real estate equivalent of 540 million yuan and its supervision of funds have 3 Billion yuan; you can also sell two items sold unsold housing, according to the original price accounting, you can also sell 1.99 billion yuan, "we calculate this funding ah, basically no problem." Suddenly the capital chain break things The turning point occurred in October 2015. October 22, Tianjin Goldman Sachs Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. issued a "Tianjin Goldman Sachs Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to the water bank Ginza project buyers open letter." "June 2014 Goldman Sachs legal representative for criminal suspects, by the national judiciary criminal investigation ... ... With the national judicial department in-depth investigation, Goldman Sachs is also suspected of criminal offense." "At present, the company Capital chain has been broken, has been unable to finance and follow-up funds ... ... Goldman Sachs commitment: willing to try to raise funds, according to the law for the buyers to check out, refund the purchase of the masses can consult with the company check-out, refund matters and urge the government The relevant departments to give supervision and guidance. "October 25" Goldman Sachs "launched the" Waterfront Ginza project check-out program. " According to the program, the refund is made to refund the principal amount of the purchase principal, the housing maintenance fund and the deed tax paid, and pay the interest generated by the principal. Check-out is required to be processed between November 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. However, this program does not mention the terms and phrases about compensation or compensation to purchasers. This is caused by one of the reasons many buyers do not want to check out the refund. Wuqing District petition work joint meeting of the Office of the door and the waterfront Ginza project buyers "notice" mentioned that from November 1 the city officially launched the withdrawal of these two projects since the work, the city More than 60%, Wuqing District, more than 90% of the buyers have to check out the refund procedures. According to a person who has already checked out, she has gone to her home to visit her home twice before her check-out, and there is a telephone survey. She made a request to the room does not refund, but because of her daughter and her boyfriend's persuasion, he accepted the reality of the check-out. Check out the cost of the demolition of the "Tianjin Daily" belongs to the WeChat public No. "News 117" was released on December 4, "Jin City, the most bragging property" Square "will be removed." Beiqing newspaper reporter noted that this article has mentioned, "It is estimated that the door of the square and the waterfront Ginza two items check out the amount of up to 6.6 billion. The source of funds is mainly under the land and real estate auction Zhao Jin, About $ 1.1 billion, the balance of the regulatory account of about 2.6 billion, but there is still a big gap. "In addition, this article also mentioned that in order to solve the funding gap," the two companies were responsible for the door square and waterfront Ginza financing task. " As for the demolition of the cost of the building, this article wrote: "rough estimate, (Ming Men Square - reporter note) demolition costs may reach 60 million to 70 million yuan." Then the "waterfront Ginza" demolition costs will be how much? December 9, the real-name certification of the "news 117" official microblogging in the exclusive release of the "Waterfront Ginza" will be demolished after the news, in the same day on the comments of the commentator: "At present, Tianjin and even The country has no more than 200 meters above the high-level demolition experience, it can be said that the demolition is very difficult. 'Participate in the demolition program planning experts told reporters that manual removal will take longer, and the operation of the process there is a certain risk. It is expected that it will be more than the name of the square. "For why must be demolished," News 117 "is from the security reasons rather than economic reasons to explain:" Waterfront Ginza and Gate Plaza, there are unauthorized planning, According to the plan, the first floor of Building 1, Building 1, 100 meters, Building 3, Building 35, 169 meters high, the actual cap all over, Building 3, up to 65 layers of about 208 meters. Once such a high-rise building Fire, etc., the elevator, the fire channel can not afford so many residents to bring the evacuation pressure, the result will be disastrous. "Refused to check out the buyers, however, for" Shore Ginza "Removing the news, not all buyers will believe. "Now all the information about the demolition comes from '117 news." A not yet check out the home buyers on December 19 to the North Green newspaper reporter said, "At least, I have not seen the government department of the announcement." Wu Yu is also true. For Wu Yu refused to check out the house, once the demolition of the building, her last point that the dream will be completely destroyed. Although some people buy "Waterfront Ginza" for the purpose of investment or as a second set of housing, but the Shandong nationality of the rural woman, but it is just a need. Worked in the city of Tianjin for 17 years, Wu Yu is now driving a small restaurant, selling noodles, wonton, as well as Tianjin early Gaba dishes. To go there to eat, mostly with her, the city's bottom migrant workers. "A few years ago, there are more residents here, earn more than 10,000 dollars a month, and now busy here demolition, people have moved out, earn more than five or six thousand dollars a year." restaurants, overcast and cold, rely on a electric heater to keep warm. This is about 20 square meters of pavement is sliding door is divided into the outside, outside the shop, between sleep. Four or five square meters of the middle of only two beds, large bed belongs to Wu Yu husband and wife, small wire bed belongs to the younger brother, a muscle weakness patients. And Wu Yu's son had children, a family of three to Shandong daughter-in-law confrontation. "Wu Yu said the community neighborhood committee to find her, has been refunded the" Waterfront Ginza "buyers have also looked for her, the purpose is to persuade her to accept the check-out Money, "but I check out the money, but also let me go to buy their own house?" Wu Yu said his house in Shandong home has collapsed, "we can not return to her daughter's marriage Well, say my maid is also difficult, have to raise another brother. "She said that the younger brother is also muscle weakness, but the symptoms slightly. "I am most afraid to mention is the 'home' the word." The face of the upcoming Spring Festival, Wu Yu at a loss. Now, Wu Yu nothing will go to the waterfront Ginza site to see if there are a large number of workers stationed. Because in her and many buyers in the heart, once a large number of workers into the site, the three buildings may end up the end of the day. Excerpts of text and photo / reporter full Yi

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